Jodi Whalen

GIS / Mapping Specialist

Jodi graduated from Sir Sandford Fleming College with her Geomatics Technician Diploma in 2011.

Geomatics is a diverse approach to the collection, analysis, management and display of geographic data and spatial information as it pertains to the earths surface.

Jodi has been Landmark Associates Planning and Mapping Technician since 2014, and is responsible for creating and managing maps and report illustrations in which support both Municipal and Private sector planning and engineering projects. Digital services include, but are not limited to; Conceptual Plans, Site Plans, Draft Plans of Subdivision, Official Plan Schedules, Zoning By-law Schedules, and Technical Report Figures for engineering projects such as stormwater management figures and engineering schematics.

She is in the process of becoming an associate member of the Canadian Association of Certified Planning Technicians.

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