Landmark Associates Clever Portfolios Classified as: Private Projects

Concept Plans

A concept plan is typically the first plan created, and is a visual representation of the project’s vision. This plan serves to convey what is being proposed to approval authorities, community groups, investors, etc. The level of detail on a concept plan is tailored to meet the Clients expectation and budget, but also to meet the approval authority’s requirements. For […]

Plan of Subdivision

A plan of subdivision is an application process that creates multiple lots or blocks from an existing property. As part of this application process, a Draft Plan of Proposed Subdivision is prepared in order to demonstrate conformity with local policy as well as provincial legislation and policies. This type of plan identifies the boundaries of lots on which houses or […]

Site Plan

Site plan control is used by municipalities to ensure particular standards are not only maintained but are consistent across properties. Site Plan Applications may include information such as building design, massing, land use compatibility, grading, parking, pedestrian and emergency vehicle access, landscaping, garage storage facilities etc. The featured site plans illustrate not only the various features considered but also demonstrate […]