Landmark Associates Clever Portfolios Classified as: Engineering

Servicing Plan

A functional servicing plan is most often provided in support of a Functional Servicing Report (FSR). An FSR is intended to make certain that a proposed development can support water and sanitary services, and that all onsite and off-site servicing requirements are clearly identified. The plan would clearly illustrate features such as the existing sizing and material of water, sanitary […]

Grading Plan

A Grading plan is an important factor in the development planning process. It is a key element in preventing flooding, property damage and erosion of embankments etc; while also providing a base plan for other engineering plans (i.e. drainage/stormwater management). The featured grading plans shows both the existing grade elevations as well as proposed grade elevations for the development sites.

Drainage Plan

A Drainage Plan is produced to provide a method of containing rainwater/stormwater runoff. Drainage plans reduce the risk of flooding and water damage to dwellings and help to control the amount of runoff onto neighbouring properties. The featured plan shows a Post Development Drainage Plan for a proposed subdivision. The property is subcategorized into catchment areas and the topography of […]