Minimum Distance Separation

The Minimum Distance Separation (MDS) Formulae was developed by The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. MDS is a planning tool used to determine setbacks between livestock facilities or permanent manure storage structures and another land use development (i.e. residential dwellings).

There are two types of MDS:

MDS I – proposed new development and any existing livestock barns, manure storages and/or anaerobic digesters.

MDS II – proposed new, expanding or remodelled livestock barns, manure storages and/or anaerobic digesters and existing or approved development.

The objective of MDS is to reduce the possibility of nuisance complaints pertaining to odour from livestock facilities.

The Minimum Distance Separation (MDSI) Requirement map shown here, provides and otherwise establishes a setback radius from each livestock facility within the assessment area.